Saturday, July 16, 2005

Banana hammocks and glory days

I'm at home tonight. Just me and my girls. Randy went out with the boys. I was suppose to go to a strip club tonight with some friends, but I decided to let Randy go out instead.
To let you all in on a little secret - I HATE male strippers with a passion. Nothing like have a man who is all greased up throw his banana hammock all up in your grill. No thanks. I actually prefer female strippers. Now just to set the record straight , I am all about the sausage- and not the taco. But I find Female strippers less agressive, beautiful, and they aren't grinding their shit into my leg. For my birthday a few yrs ago a bunch of us ( men and women) went to a female strip club and had a frickin blast. We might even do it again sometime.
This afternoon our friends Justin and Jenna came over and Justin invited Randy out to a karaoke bar tonight. I don't think I've ever metioned it on this blog, but Randy, Justin and our friend Brian used to own a Karaoke Company back in the day. Those were our Glory Days. Most of you know that Randy and I were friends for 5 years before we got married. 4 and a half of those yrs were spent in bars.There was a big group of us that would go to whatever bar they had a show at. We were Karaoke Addicted and we thought we were hot shit ( and I was - LOL). It got to be around 5 times a week at one point.
Then Brian started a family and Justin got married.............and the cheese stood alone. Randy still ran everything, but he cut it down to just one bar 2 nights a week. Then I got knocked up and Randy started to think about selling the company. And he did...2 days after Grace was born. And so came the end of those Glory yrs.
We don't go out too much anymore. I asked Randy last night if he missed it. He missed the karaoke, but not the DJ-ing part. Watching all those little bitches trying to take him home got to be fun after awhile. I miss that. So when Justin asked him if he wanted to go today, I saw that look in his eye. I made him go. I hope he has fun.
Maybe I'll get laid tonight.

** I realize that some people find Karaoke stupid and trashy...... To you I say: Lick me


CrazyAunty said...

what up bitch! I love you- You just made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants, I was remebering the strippers at Sabra's. The handstand guy on my chair with his package all in my face and all I could do was look at you! I can't wait until you come back to work, I miss the "team".....

Glenna said...

Annie, good to see your back. :) I completely agree about the female vs. male stripper thing.