Sunday, July 31, 2005


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. I'm a lucky girl.

Jamie: For giving me a sister after 25 yrs of not having one. For being an awesome aunt and always helping out without giving it a second thought. For that little boy whos like my own. For being super woman. I love you.

Brian and Kelly: For always kickin ass and being awesone. For always being a constant pillar of support when it seemed like we were standing alone. It doesn't hurt that you feed me either.

Justin and Jenna: For the food, ice cream, keeping us company and helping tear shit down. For reminding me I'm a petty bitch and need to shut up / grow up. For seeing my kid be a bully and not making me feel like a bad mother that lacks parenting skills

But Justin, the next time you give me shit about the living dead/ zombies I will kick you in the nuts...It was funny though.

Amy: For coming to visit I know you were busy. That ment a lot. You kick ass too.

My Parents: For everything - I'm not even gonna try to write it all down.

My internet friends: You prove to me that there is good out there and that eventhough I'm a little strange at times, you love me and my family all the same. I think it's because although I'm a woman, I still have balls the size of a human head. But whatever........

My husband: I love you more than the world. Thank you for all of my babies and for living with me when I have my " red head" attitude.


MadHotMama said...

Its a bird, its a blimp, no--its superwoman. NOT. I love you too honey. I feel lucky to have a sister too. *hugs*

Kirsten said...

Sounds like you have a great life!! It's awesome that you take time out to thank all those important to you. I am so glad you like my babes name....most folks hate it!!