Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My MIL and My brother

Randy's mom left to go back to Texas this morning. She came in Tuesday. Now as far as MIL's go - Mine is kick ass. She loves me and has always been supportive. I love her like she's my own mom. She even bought me the new Nicholas Sparks book True Believer because I said I wasn't going to buy it until it came out it paperback and was cheaper. I love that woman. AND SHE TAKES ME OUT FOR BBQ AND RED ROBIN.

We're going to Texas on Thursday so we can see the rest of Randy's family ( I FRICKIN' LOVE TEXAS). If I didn't like my own family so much we would move.

**I think she might think I'm a little crazy after this visit since I made her watch The Family Guy and she knows it my favorite show. Either that or shes praying for me. Really hard...

So guess who decided to come into town over the weekend and surprise everyone? Thats right - my baby brother. I suppose at 24 he hates being called my baby brother( that and we do have a brother younger than him). It was a nice surprise and I cried, of course. He got to see Faith. Seeing him hold a baby is priceless. He's like a fish out of water. I think he even sweats. Then he told everyone how he thinks all babies are ugly. Even his own son. Whata asshat. If he wasn't married to my sister in law I'd kick his ass. He's lucky I love his wife. I love him too, but he's still a asshat.

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