Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This little piggy went to the Dr....

Faith had to go to the Dr this morning. She came home with a heart monitor and it's been going off a lot lately so we just took her in to get her looked at to be on the safe side. We really won't know anything for a few days b/c they had to download all the info from the monitor and I guess it takes a week. BUT she weighed in at 6.7 pounds. HOLY SHIT! She's almost the size of a newborn. It's breaking my heart.....
I know I promised pictures days ago. Like I've said before - I'm lazy.... Tonight - I promise!

Song of the day
"American Baby"
Dave Matthews Band

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Amy's Working said...

Don't worry about pictures, just take care of the kiddies and yourself - you seem calm about the whole monitor going off thing, but it still takes a toll.