Tuesday, August 09, 2005

And that's how I feel about that/ Steppin off the soapbox.

It's a sad sorry situation when people that love one another can not get married in this county because it's a "a scared bond/institute shared between a man and a woman" I guess I missed how sacred it was while the fucking country was watching how to marring a millionaire for money.

Live and let live.

Why does everyone have to be the judge of everyone else?
Let God judge and let people live there lives.
The government can not determine what makes a family.

Steppin off the soapbox now, excuse me.


cursingmama said...

Very well said.

Kirsten said...

Ditto....we actually made it legal in Oregon for a few months, everybody was getting married at the courthouse. Then they repealed the law and annuled all thet marriages. Lame.