Friday, August 26, 2005

Cause I'm the Shit, baby!

So, I broke down and weighed myself last night. I had Faith in her snuggly-thingy, so I was wearing her too. I came in 4 pounds over what I did last time and I wasn't wearing the kid then. Soooooo, I'm thinking that's around 6 pounds.

I'm breaking down and starting the Slim in 6 thing tomorrow because I need some serious toning. Muscles? What are those?
I'll just TRY not to drink a ton of Liquor.

Then again, my baby brother is coming back in the country in the middle of September...........

Oh well.

I ALSO bought some X-mas presents yesterday.

I am the shit - bow to me.


WLH said...

Yeah I don't think the not drinking alot of booze is gonna happen when I am home..... STU's ???

MadHotMama said...

Way to go honey! What a productive day. 'bow'

grody jo-dee said...

okay, first of all...i LOVE that m.e. video! cause she's the shit period. and christmas presents already? you are da bomb. i feel guilty for not having it that much together.

Kirsten said...

we both know you are the shit! You are my weight loss inspiration....:)