Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Crackheads are like cockroaches......

At least in my neck of the woods they are.
When I get home at night (12:30am-ish) We go sit outside and watch the crackheads ride by on their bikes.
No, I'm not kidding.
They really are crackheads and their out looking for a fix.
Or delivering the drugs - I can't decide
For real ("FO SHIZZLE").
I've been trying my best to work out when I can.
Really, I have.
Don't fucking look at me like that......Anyway.
So, last night after the girls went to bed I told Randy I was going on a walk.

Randy: In the dark?!?!?
Randy: With all the crackheads out? I don't think so.
Me: Would you rather I went in the morning?
Randy: Ummm YEAH!

Needless to say, I didn't go walking this morning cause I passed out on the couch while watching Family Guy last night and I didn't set the alarm when Randy woke me up to go to bed.

I did go on a walk earlier last night with the girls, but how fast can you walk with a 2 yr old and a baby strapped to you in a snuggly?
Not very


grody jo-dee said...

i'm having "friday" flashbacks...not too far away we have a guy who looks exactly like d-bo and rides a beat up bike.

JustLinda said...

Bu you watched Family Guy, right? I mean - just think of the workout your BRAIN got. That's some lofty, intellectual shit, that show. You must be tired - perhaps a nap? hahah

Amy's Working said...

i don't have crack heads but do have the same dilema of how to exercise during waking hours without having to drag the kids. At least you actually think about exercising, i'm still at the someday I'll do it phase.

Webmiztris said...

well, you could become a crackhead! sounds like they're get plenty of peddling action in!! ;)