Friday, August 19, 2005

Funny Shit Friday.

In light of my boozing it up tonight I give you a story:

When I was 22 I was a drinker. Actually, until I was 24 I was a drinker. By that I mean drinking at least twice a week. Anyway, when I was 22 I was rented a house with my cousin. It was really small and my bedroom was in the basement. If I shut my door I could see nothing- pitch black. I also had a collection a kids meal toys like you wouldn't believe. I had a ledge that went all around my room where I had the toys ( which back then I called my treasures) displayed.
One Friday night we ( my friend Derek and I - who was my boyfriend at the time) bought a bottle of Captain Morgan and partied at home with my 2 cousins. I was SUPER drunk by 11pm and went to my room and passed out while everyone else kept drinkin' it up. About 30 minutes later I had a bad dream-Derek had locked me out of my house and told me he didn't like me anymore. I woke up upset and still VERY drunk VERY pissed and I had to piss. I was so drunk I couldn't find my way out of my room and knocked over every single thing that I could....Kids meal toys from the last 6 years were everywhere...Then I pulled my pants down and pissed on the floor.

Hey I had to go and couldn't find the door.

Finally, as I pulled my pants up and found the bed again, Derek and my cousin came in. They thought the house was caving in. They looked at my room trashed and asked what happened. I told them I had a bad dream and couldn't find my way out of my room. I also said I spilled a glass of water on the floor.

I never admitted that until now.

I glad we don't live there anymore.

My theme for the night
Brad Pasley
I'll be at Stu's tonight. It's in the strip mall behind BK on 90th( same parking lot as Dollar Tree)


WLH said...

You have alot of drunk stories "Go make me some babies" and then walking in on the process....after some unknown soul thought it would be funny to get the fish drunk. Anyways why do you have to go to MY Bar and brag about? Love ya

Renee said...

Stu's? come on. At least go to Pat & Mikes for the tasty mini tacos. I don't imbibe anymore but I have numerous stories. Never peed on the floor. But I did throw up in the bathroom sink and went to bed. Got woke up by my mother asked why the sink was full of red rice. Oops. There's no lie that can cover that one.

grody jo-dee said...

my husband once tried to pee inside the refrigerator in a drunken stupor. luckily i caught him RIGHT BEFORE he started and guided him to the bathroom. thinking all was fine, i went back to bed. and then i hear high-pitched screaming. he had climbed into the bathtub and turned on the water. but unfortunately for him, he only turned on the HOT water. he had 2nd degree burns covering his feet, and has never had seven and seven again. :)

JustLinda said...

Blog confessions... good stuff. HAHAHA

Freebird said...

I knew someone who walked into the closet instead of her bathroom and peed there - all over her shoes. Ewww!

Are you spam busting with your word verification? Cool. I hate getting those stupid spam comments.

Webmiztris said...

lol! we've all been there.... ;) one time I was too high on mushrooms to leave my boyfriend's room to use the bathroom. So I tried to pee in a jar. but since I was laughing/convulsing so hard over the fact that I was trying to pee in a jar, I ended up peeing all over the floor anyway...what a riot...

Nigel Alspaugh said...

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