Thursday, August 11, 2005

Have I ever mentioned.........?

............I hate Dora the Fucking Explorer. Not so much Dora as I hate Boots. I seriously try to make logic out of it.
" Why the hell would her parents let her hang out with a monkey all the time? I'm sooooo sure I'd let my 5 yr go wandering around in a forest/jungle with a monkey that has a nack for getting her into shit."

I need help.

Now thanks to Noggin I get to watch Dora like 6 times a day. Thats not counting the DVD's we have.

HOWEVER, Dora will never be as bad as Lazy Town.


Cari said...

Oh, come on Annie... Sportacus is *HOT*. Seeing him dance to that "Bing Bang" song is one of the only things that gets me through my day.

k said...

Lazytown - I do not understand that show at all. Some of the characters are people, some are plastic. I don't get it. Someone explain it to me, for real.

You hate Dora. At our house, we hate the Wiggles. But damn, those 4 guys are in shape. The purple one is, like, 54 or something and he does headstands and jumps around while they are singing.

I still hate them, though. That whiney Dorothy Dinosaur makes me want to shoot myself.

nancy said...

LMFAO!! I am the same anti-Caillou. Don't allow it at all - he is a whiny crybaby and we have enough of that in our house already.

Amy's Working said...

whenevr we kick off a dora show from Tivo, there is always some lazy town thing right before dora starts. It freaks me out - my kids stop and stare so it has the desired affect, but I just don't get it.

Jenna said...

I feel you baby, and thats why I'm liking the fact that I go back to school next week. No more Dora for a least 9 months. I do agree with the one chick that said Sportacus is hot. He could dance up on me every so often. The best is Barney, but na, he has been outlawed in my home, thanks to my husband.


Corrie said...

What the fuck is up with Dora's parents? I think they smoke the cheeba. Boots is an ass. I personally have a crush on Sportacus. he's hot. Go-Go-Go to Lazytown!

cmhl said...

lazy town is the devil.

I am ok with dora and boots, swiper is pretty cool. I can't stand ed, ed, & eddie. eeeek.