Saturday, August 13, 2005

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Googlism for: annie
annie is the muffin girl
annie is open and ready increased sex drive
annie is here
annie is only 16
annie is a year old sheltie
annie is open and ready hot
annie is a sexy beast
annie is back
annie is open and ready ridin her on all 4x4's
annie is a gifted
annie is this week's featured artist on sonicgarden
annie is designed to be a portable ie system
annie is the most popular
annie is safe and sound and back with her "family" due to a combination of bad timing and bad luck
annie is not an exception
annie is an exhibitionist
annie is 20 inches and made from tea stained muslin
annie is currently recording a solo album
annie is keen
annie is the former lead vocalist for ghost of a god and toured both the united states and europe with the group
annie is now one of the best steamers on the line as it has had a brick arch squeezed into the tiny firebox

I didn't think about it until now, but I go by My middle name

Francine is my 1st name.

Om well.

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moxiemomma said...

hi there, just blogging around and wanted to say that your babies are GORGEOUS!! nice work!