Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just so you know...

I've gotten a few email asking if I was still doing WW and how it's going.

Yes, I am still doing it, but I choose not to talk about it here because it is a dark, sad, depressing issued in my life.

So Yes, I am still doing it. I didn't do the meetings -I have all the stuff from before. I do not weight myself, because all that does is drive me fucking crazy.

I haven't eaten at Red Robin in over a MONTH.
Thats right - A MONTH, PEOPLE!

After my B-day I'm also incorporating the slim in 6 program in with my WW. I spent over $100.00 on that bastard 2 yrs ago and then got knocked up.
I have to wait b/c you aren't allowed ANY liquor on that program and I plan on drinkin' it up for my birthday on the 13th.

Now you know


Ms Meh said...

Hey, if you ever want someone to whine about WW with, I'm here for ya. ;) I gained 1.6 this week, but it's part vacation and part period weight. Mother nature, kiss my butt!

Manic Mom said...

I did WW too, lost 59.8 freaking pounds after baby number three, who arrived exactly FOUR YEARS TOMORROW!

But sadly, ten of those lost pounds have found their way back home, straight to my flabby ass!

I need to get back on track with writing down those points! Good luck to you! Sounds like you're cranking on it! Keep it up>