Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More Random Shit

I'm happy to announce that my baby brother now has a blog.

Jamie has posted pictures so you can see how cute the rest of my family is

My Mom is now rockin' a picture of me, her ugly child, on her desk at work ( Only after months of heartache and whinin)

I've come to believe that Fetal Dopplers are the Devil ( next to Britney) And no, I AM NOT PREGNANT. Jesus, how could you even think that? My baby is only 11 weeks old. I'm just saying.........

I NEED this......comeon people - only a few weeks before my birthday.
I'm totally kidding.

I also need this.. Once my brother and I were talking about putting up a play house in the back yard for my daughter. Then I told him that it was a bad idea b/c we'd have a homeless midget living in it before the end of the week. He looked at all wide-eyed and said " Dude, you got a midget around here?!"
Not very PC, but it was funny as hell.

My mom would kill me for this

Has anyone noticed that I LOVE to plot things to get a reaction from my mother?


MadHotMama said...

I would just die if you showed up to mom's house w/ that shirt on. i would just die. The ugly shirt doesnt cut it w/ me though cuz i know you are really a pretty girl. But we could buy a bunch, go to the mall and randomly hand them out...w/ pepper spray in hand of course.

Nickie said...

I love the midget t shirt. That put a smile on my ever-increasing pile of shit day ;)