Monday, August 22, 2005

Never was a Princess

How was everyone's weekend? As I mentioned before, I stayed home for most of it. I watched a lot of TV. MTV's TTrailer Fabulous is now one of my new favorite shows along with Showtime's WEEDS. I needed a few new shows since I had to say good-bye to Queer as Foke and Six Feet Under ( does anybody else wonder if Maggie got pregnant?).
So in between loads of laundry and dishes I watched MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen( yes I know I watch a hellva lota MTV for someone who going to be 27).
And it left me thinking" WHAT THE FUCK?????!"
These girls need a serious reality check.
My daughters will not grow up like that.
I was never a princess and they won't be either.

Let me explain:
I learned that if you want something you have to work for it.
When I was 14 I made the Varsity Cheerleading squad. I worked FULL- TIME that summer ($4.75 an hour) as a file clerk to pay for my uniform and camp.

I was given a car at 16. I then recked it. I then paid for it. And paid for every car I got after that. I always paid for gas and insurance on my own. I worked at BK all though HS (Would you like frys with that?). I also wasn't allowed to drive with my friends in the car until the end of my Sr. yr.( my Dad's fear of me getting distracted).

I paid for MOST of my own clothes and never asked for money to go out with.

All my spoiling came from my grandparents.

Not that my parents were poor. They built a very large, beautiful home when I was in Jr High. I like to think it help build character. Both of my brothers and I know that if we want something you have to work for it. There are no hand outs in the real world.

My brother and SIL are getting ready to build a HUGE house. Twice the size of ours. It's hard not to let the "little green monster" get to me. But the way I see it is that they have made sacifices to get where they are. My SIL has had to be a single parent for 3 yrs and been a full time student. My brother has busted his ass off to make the money he does and live overseas in a shithole with no TV and no alcohol . Not to mention missing his son growing up. So they deserve this house. They aren't shoving money in everyone's face and saying "Look what we got". They made sacrifice upon sacrifice. Am I am more than happy to see them do well. Am I upset that our plan of living next door to each other is out the window? Yes, but I'll get over it ( you bastards!!)

So, I'm left wondering what these girls on this show are going to do in the real world? Are they going to live off mommy& daddy's money forever? Even then you won't get very far treating people the way they do.
It is entertaining, though.

It's hard to say that my kids won't be spoiled. Due to reasons I'll go into another time - we are not having anymore children :o( So it's just the girls.

My girls will know to respect EVERYONE - regardless or age, race or social ranking. Grace is very good with her pleases and thank you's. And she's even started saying " Yes ma'am" and "Yes Sir"

Do I think I'm too tough? Yes and no. This being a parent thing is hard work and we do the best we can. I don't want them to be brats. It's a tough call. As a parent I want to give my kids the world, but I don't want them to be snots and act like the world owes them.

I guess I'll just keep learning as I go.

* I will say that my parents do spoil us now - just a few weeks ago my Dad bought us new garbage cans and they did buy us a snowblower for Randy's B-day.
When we bought our house they paid to have some trees cut down and my grandpa bought us a lawnmower.

Randy's mom lent us money when Grace was born since I was so sick and unable to work for 6 months.


k said...

New garbage cans?! You are spoiled.

And the answer to your questions is, "Yes," the girls on that show will ALWAYS have Mommy and Daddy's money. And they will always treat people like shit. And honestly, they'll probably never "get it."

You aren't going to be too tough on your girls. You're doing them a favor by helping them be self-sufficient and they'll gain confidence from that. Which does us ALL a favor (in society) by putting two mature adults into the world who can handle themselves.

You're doing right by them.

WLH said...

You can always sell your house and live in an RV in my driveway.....

Corrie said...

I think Trailer Fab is fake and as for Super 16, bitch you want an Audi? Yeah me too! That show pisses me off. I wondered about Maggie being pregs too, but then again wasn't she a pharmacutical rep? I don't know? I cried like a little bitch at the ending, I was so sad for David when Keith died.

Patsy Darling said...

Oh I so think Maggie is pregnant. I'm pissed they didn't show anything about her in the future. And I love trailer fabulous it's so campy.

grody jo-dee said...

i love watching my super sweet 16--it's just so ludicrous that it's funny. what are the parents thinking??

i had to work for privilege too. my parents were not lacking for maney, but it was understood that you took care of your responsibilities 1st before privileges were allowed. i hate how everything is so pc now; other parents look at you like an alien if you mention these kinds of principles. what kinds of adults do these people think they're raising? as my grandma used to say, "if you live on the premise that life is always fair and you deserve everything, then you're gonna have a very rough life." i'd rather set up my children to understand achieving their goals through hard work (and just a little bit of spoiling).

yea, you for not being a pushover mom with no principles.

Southern Lady said...

As I said in the above comments, I like your blog. My hubby and I watch Filthy Rich and the Hulk Hogan show....I blame that one on him hehehehe...Anyway keep up the good work!