Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Terrible Two's

My 2 yr old is testing me today. BIG TIME. 1st she thought she could jump from the couch to the loveseat. She failed and fell, of course. I then tried to put her down for her nap and she got out of her bed and shook her sippy cup full of milk ( A.K.A. in the Christian household as "milch") all over the floor and THEN took all of Faith's clothes out of the dresser to soak up the mess. That's when I came in. I had to leave the room and count before I went back to clean it up. Then we had to go to the Dr for Faith's 2 month appt. There Grace learned to spit all over herself and showed the Dr how she like to throw herself on the ground. Can I tell you how excited I am to get to go through this all again in 2 yrs? I've heard it's even more fun when they turn 3. I can hardly contain my excitement.
Anyways, Faith weighed 7.10! She really is the size of a newborn now. Her heart monitor will probably go away in about a month and I'm currently dealing with that. I'm such a freak about SIDS - I'll never sleep. I have heard that they make some little pad that goes under the sheet in the crib that detects the baby's heartbeat and goes off like a monitor if it can't detect it. So I'm on the hunt.

But the best part about our visit today - Faith's little noodle( A.K.A. in the Christian Household as "head") is NOT flat. She has the head of a premie.
Thank God, because there is NO WAY that I wanna go though the Helmet thing all over again. Not only did Grace's head smell like a foot all the time, she looked like "Special Ed" from
Crank Yankers.

Yes, I do know that's a Fucked up thing to say, but thanks for reminding me

I don't want to do this again


Melanie said...

I am so sorry for laughing my ass off, but that special ed comment got me. Really bad. OMG!! Girl, I remember those days of the terrible twos. It doesn't get any better. I'm now going through the "terrible 5's and 7's"...good god!

p.s. very happy to hear Faith is doing well.

Kurt said...

First time on your blog...
Don't sweat the "terrible thing to say" crap. This is a great place for it.
I remember rocking my oldest to sleep (20 plus years ago) and thinking, "Wow, I could really screw this kid up!" People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I had those thoughts.
Peace and Grace on your family.