Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"That's not a very Christian Thing to do!"

When I was younger we lived in a highly religious neighborhood. Good ol' 81st avenue Circle. Anyways, there was a highly annoying family that lived 2 houses away. They had a little girl, Sarah, that always liked to tag along. No matter what we (all the neighborhood kids) were doing ( even if we weren't getting into trouble) Sarah would go and tell on us. Then her highly religious/crazy mother would come out and yell at us. EVEN IF WE WERE JUST PLAYING ON OUR SWINGSET. Looking back at it I realize she was a very unhappy woman, but that's not the point right now.

Finally, we started ignoring Sarah because we were tired of her and her mom. We all refused to speak to her. Then one day she decided to stand there and scream
"That's not a very Christian thing to do!!"
" You're not being good Christians!!!"over and over. I'm talking like 15 minutes.

We never did end up getting along with her or her family and then we moved.
So, I was laying in bed last night telling Randy about Courtney Love and guess what popped in my head?
" You're not being a good Christian- That's not a very Christian thing to do!"

So now I feel bad about talking about Courtney Love.

Internet, I apologize.
Even if she is a crazy skankbag ho.
It's not nice if me to make fun of her

Then again, my last name IS Chriatian and I am very good at that.................


WLH said...

LMGDFAO I think they really stopped liking us after I made a comment about my dad coming home every night, and telling thier dad to shove it.

grody jo-dee said...

sounds a lot like 59th terr.....lol. i used to tell my mom when she'd accuse us of something we didn't do, "God knows i'm telling the truth!" totally church manipulating :)

Amy's Working said...

Jeez, I didn't realize those people were around back then, lots of kids like that in our neighboorhod now - I'm always tempted to tell them we don't go to church because we think Satan is cool! And please, do NOT feel bad about dissing Courtney, it's just too easy and fun, and god gave us people like her to remind us of what happens if you don't act like a chirstian - you turn into her ;-)

Boozie said...

It's not nice to make fun of people, but it is funny. The difference between you and that snotty kid is that you were telling the truth, so you win. Make fun of Courtney all day if ya want.

Jack's Raging Mommy said...

Thank God they were Mormon and not Scientologists. She's allowed to have her crazy pills.

That reminds me, I need to go take mine.