Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is were I talk about shooting babies out of your Cha-cha

One of my good friends is having a hard time deciding if she's going to do try for a VBAC in a few months. And honestly, I have no idea what to tell her.
I will say that I was never able to go that route. As my friend, Carmen says, " I have the pelvis of an 11 yr old boy".
There was nothing coming out "that way".
And honestly, I was relieved.
I hear it's a whole different sensation coming out than it is going in.
My 1st c-section was a MO-FO breeze. For shizzle.
Well, not the actual surgery - that part sucked my ass.
I felt everything, but they had to get Grace out.
Recovery was a cake walk
No daddy stitch needed.

With Grace I was induced due to 900 different reason related
to pre-eclampsia.
I had water around my heart and lungs.
BP was 210/120
They were afraid I was going to stroke out.
Of course, no one told me anything.
I couldn't figure out why no one would go home.
They told me the day after I came home what had happened.

I was induced Friday morning and nothing happened.
Saturday I was given all sorts of "fun things"( FYI- things shoved up my cho-cha) to help the process along.
Still, nothing happened.
Sunday morning they broke my water and the real party started.
Keep in mind that I was only 32 weeks along and hadn't taken the labor classes yet.
They started the following week.

I remember laying there and our friend, Brian, was helping me breathe.
He said " You might want to ask for your epidural now cause it isn't going to get any better"
My epidural was a piece of shit.
Long story short - I only dilated to 3 and the nurse said
" There's either a hand or the cord in the birth canal. I can't tell"
That was around 10pm
Grace was born @ 1032pm via c-section

Emma was still small enough that when we lost her I had a D&C (after a week of waiting for my body to go into labor on it's own).

With Faith I had HELLP. The Dr didn't play around either. My platelets dropped to were they either needed to take her then or they would loose us both.
No laboring at all.
Thats where I got screwed.
She was high up too.
Recovery sucked.
Now, keep in mind that she was a 31 weeker and it sucked so bad cause they had to fish around for her.
And push.
And pull.

Anyway, back to K.
Her 1st C-section wasn't fun and she had issues for weeks.
But there are risks with a VBAC as well.

Either way - the kid has to get out somehow.

Why can't men have the babies?

Why can't there really be a Stork?


JustLinda said...

I had a c-section with my 5th (and last). It came in the right order 'cause now I don't have to worry about a VBAC decision. Good news.

You said for shizzle. I'm not even sure I've ever heard someone say that outside of Old Navy commercials. I feel cooler just hanging out here... haha

Mel said...

Damn! And I thought having my appendix out at 32 weeks was bad. You had it way worse!
I had both of mine vaginally, so I have no idea what a c-section feels like. That's a tough one.

grody jo-dee said...

my first one was induced, but there's a fairly good chance this one might end up being a c-section. you are not making me feel comforted here! :) but, i guess you do what you have to do, right? i think surgery of any kind just all sucks.

notasoccermom said...

I agree.

Nicole said...

I went thru a vaginal delivery at 37 weeks with my only son. Even though the pain was UNREAL, I wouldnt give up the sensation of pushing that life out of me. Undoubtly the best feeling in the world. Your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers. Best of luck to her.


Manic Mom said...

I want to read more but have to go to bed after a couple glasses of wine! TELL YOUR FRIEND VBACS ARE THE WAY TO GO AND COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!

I had a c first time around, then two successful VBACS. You have to at least try. It really is the way God intended! I would be happy to email/talk with anyone who wants more info... just leave me a comment at Manic Mom.

Seriously, it's soooo worth the efforts to attempt a VBAC. Really!

Good luck to your friend, and I am completely digging your blog! And I think that 13 week old is your baby--WHAT A FREAKING DOLL BABY!

Manic Mom said...

Oh, and Linda up at the top--props to you for having FIVE KIDS!

And it's Fo Shizzle, not For Shizzle, and I just found that out a few months ago from a hip single girlfriend.

BTW, this is a very, very cool and fun blog and everyone on it seems way cool--FO SHIZZLE!

molly_g said...

I had a natural vaginal birth with my one child. I think VBAC is kind of like natural childbirth in that you've got to REALLY WANT IT to happen vaginally (drugs or no), you have to be pretty determined and at that ready to give up all control in the case that it doesn't happen (and instead, another C-section). Ask your friend to really take stock with what she wants, and the answer will become pretty clear.

No matter what, the important part is what happens after the birth. C-section, natural, epidural: the hard work is the 18 years that follow!

Southern Lady said...

Wow that is a tough decision. I feel for her. I had my three vaginally mainly because I was terrified of an epidural.

What a beautiful baby! Absolutely one of the cutest!