Friday, August 05, 2005

"What a good girl, What a smart girl ,What a pretty girl"

When Randy and I got married we didn't go on much of a honeymoon. We wanted something simple and not too far away. We had a 7 month old, after all. What I find funny is that we spent 2 yrs planning our wedding, getting knocked up, then replanning our wedding and didn't think much about our honeymoon. We kept it simple. We are simple people.

It sucked.

I missed Grace and the people where we went were rude. All of them. It was 3 days of hell. I was never so happy to see good 'ol Omaha than the day we got back.

I never wanted to go back there again........ever.

But since I've started this blog thingy I've met some cool ass people.

There is one chick in particular that sticks out. And she happens to be from the place I swore all people were evil.

She's kick ass and NOT so evil.
I was wrong about something for once


Melanie said...

Well, damn! Who is the girl? Don't keep us in suspense. Now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

You learn something every day:-)

Cheese Cakes

k said...

Eek. Camp Snoopy for your honeymoon?

eat the skinny! said...

Okay, girlfriend, it's me again. Your husband's beeeaautifuuul cousin. I went and checked out other blog sites and there's this one that's really damn sad. So, after I "comparison shopped" as so eloqouently put by William Shatner, yours is by far the best, the funniest and the most entertaining. Give or take one or two.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you are bitchinng about I couldn't even get a damn overnight babysitter for our wedding night

cursingmama said...

Hey, I know that place - it is truely a place of evil where money suckers come out of nowhere and take ALL of your money.
I can't believe you didn't get ANY Minnesota Nice when you were here, thats just wrong; but if you spent much time at the MALL, I'm not too surprised. I can't stand The Mall....just plain icky.

Erik said...

Your time in the good old City of Lakes wasn't enjoyable? :(

Jack's Raging Mommy said...

As I am reading down the page I am terribly bummed I didn't know who you were before now.
I just moved out of Omaha three weeks ago.