Monday, August 29, 2005

Whata idiot

I was watching something on E! tonight and they interviewed Aaron Carter at the VMA's last night. That kid is the biggest douche around.
They were talking about the Shug Knight shooting and he said he was around the hotel when it happened and it was "crazy-mad"

Um, he was at a hotel across the street.
He wasn't at the party cause everyone knows he a no talent, rididng the fame train from his brother, douche

He bothers the shit outta me.

Anyways, how was everyone's weekend?


JustLinda said...

Aaron Carter isn't the coolest most hip and talented person around??? Don't let my 9 year old hear... she thinks he's the bees knees (people actually used to say that - bees knees - all serious and thinking they were cool and hip).

Aaron Carter is surely the bees knees!

notasoccermom said...

Oh, Linda.....Kids don't know any better.
I used to love New kids on the Block.
At least they had talent...and some nice asses

grody jo-dee said...

aaron carter is a punk. and he thinks he can rap and is all gangsta. puh-leeze.

notasoccermom said...

Thats what I'm sayin! He's a wanna be rapper/player
Amen Jodee- thats why I love your pregnany ass