Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I'm boring.
I feel like my blog has gone to shit.
I've got nothing funny to say.
I'm still sick and I think it's sucked the life right outta me.
Sorry guys.


Amy's Working said...

boring is good, and you feel like crap - get better!

Chicken Little said...

I think blogs were designed primarily to suck the life out of everyone who come in contact with them. That's why you're still sick, the blog sucked the good stuff right out of you.

JustLinda said...

Hey! Maybe you could outsource the writing of your blog to India!! I hear it's all the rage now. And cheap!

Eh, so you're not all into it at the moment... it probably ebbs and flows like anything else in life - you'll get your groove back (if, in fact, you lost it which I'm not convinced of yet).

But what do I know, I just learned about the little comment trash can icon. Don't listen to ME. hahah

Mel said...

I still love ya! Feel better soon chickadee.