Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BTW..............W.T.F. ( WHITE TRASH FOREVAR!)

Just so you all know:

Grace took a dump in the toilet last night. It was a big frickin' deal. We called all the grandparents and gave her a Nemo sticker.
Today shes gone though every pair of training pants we own with no luck.
Heaven forbid she would have to walk away from Dora the Crackhead to pee in the toilet.

Faith slept in her crib for the first time last night. Yes, I know she'll be 4 months old on Friday, but she's the size of a tiny baby. I don't think she even weighs 12 pounds yet. We'll see on Friday.
It was all very nerve racking. We both checked on her AT least 15 times.
Go Ahead - Tell us we're freaks.
Like it would be news to us.

K and I made a deal last night that if either of us win the lottery we're going on vacation without our husbands. I forgot to ask about the kids, though.
Better not be anytime soon, since she's prego.
Randy thinks I'd miss him to much.
We were watching Wife Swap the other night while we were putting away groceries and I was making fun of them all for crying because they hadn't seen their spouses in 10 days.
Randy looked at me and said " Really? I remember you crying the 1st day I gone the last time I went out of town for work"
Yeah, asshat- I was pregnant. It's different now.
Let them send you out of town now.
I'd still probably cry...........just not until the 8th day.

I've come to the conclusion that times goes much faster overnight. That must be the reason I always feel like I haven't slept at all when I get up.
Maybe I just need to start going to bed before 2am.

My brother was here, but now he's back overseas. He even graced us with his presence 3 times that week.
He even said that Faith was " cute now, but still looks like the Commish" because she doesn't have any hair on the top of her head.
He thinks all babies are ugly.

I was sick the whole time he was here.
He is however, on my shit list because he SIGNED UP for another year overseas.
My sister in law is a frickin' saint.
Then again, so is my husband. You have to be to marry a Hackenberg.
My brother told Randy he was surprised he wasn't drinking more by now.

I kinda am too.

And to add to the things that pissed me off yesterday, we took Grace to the mall last night to play in the little toddler playground area( After we left Target......Yes there is only ONE Target in this town and it's in the mall- Good thing we usually go to Omaha to shop)

Anyways, apparently, we were the only ones that were bothered by the fact that there was a group of 10-12 yr olds there playing TAG and pushing down/jumping over the toddlers.
We left.
I was hot!!!
I tried to find someone to tell ( I'm a tattle tail) but there was no one to be found.
Before we left we spoke very LOUNDLY about them being to big to be in there,
But I didn't want to get my ass kicked by the
They didn't even look up.

I'm a pussy.
BUT, I am a pussy that feels not so sick today!

HEY JENNA! Last night's incident made my mind up about my costume for the Halloween party.

I need to find some blue eye shadow and and Race Car shirt................


MarkD60 said...

It's bad that people don't supervise their kids. It's probably better to just walk away like you did.
Your baby Grace is trying to show you who's boss by dirtying all the training pants after using the tiolet once! She doesn't want you to get used to her using the bathroom! It made me laugh but it's not funny... sorry!

JustLinda said...

Oh, BRING 'EM ON!!! One of my biggest pet peeves is BIG kids playing in little kid areas, like McDonalds play places (and yes, thank you, I do feed my children CRAP). I would soooo have said something.

Then again, maybe I'm only brave 'cause I'm in my office on the internet commenting on someone else's blog. They'll never find me here! Muhahahahah....