Thursday, September 15, 2005

Honor thy Mother and Father

On Tuesday, my mom asked me where I wanted to go to eat for my birthday this weekend (I wanted to wait until my brother was home). So I told her either Red Robin or The Amarillo (BBQ). She gave me a funny look and said " How about Farmer Browns? Your brother didn't get to eat there the last time he was home"
I said fine. Whatever.
Then I walked away thinking' why the fuck did you even ask me if you already had your mind made up?'
I don't really like Farmer Browns. Either does my husband. All I have ever get there is spaghetti. I was craving it when I was pregnant with Faith, but uh, she's almost 4 months old now and I've gotten over it

Then this is the conversation we had today"

Me:So, what time we were doingt this on Sunday, because I'm going out for BBQ at some point this weekend.
Mom:Well, I don't know what time your brother will be getting up or what he has planned"
Me: Are we going out for my birthday or because Bill is in town?
Mom: We thought we'd go out for your birthday. Why?
Me: Because I'm still trying to figure out why you would ask me where I wanted to go if you already had your mind made up with where we were going because thats what Bill likes.
Mom: Fine, Ann -
............and then she fucking hung up

So, Me being the petty bitch I am, called her voicemail at work and told her to forget it. I'm not going.


The world stops when my brother is in town.

* Yes I do realize that there are much more important things going on in the world than where I'm eating at, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a petty bitch.

Now go donate to the Red Cross


Mel said...

Love ya girl. I understand;)

WLH said...

Sorry.... I had nothing to do with it I never asked to go eat anywhere once again our mother is making plans FOR ME without ASKING ME !!!! I never even talked to them about going to Farmer Browns or doing anything for your B-day you are the only one I talked to about that and I had thought we were going to Red Robin

SuzanH said...

Sooooo sorry. That just sucks. I hate those passive aggressive tactics that make you feel like the biggest bitch in the world when, I'm sorry, it's your FUCKING BIRTHDAY!


Hope you have fun at the barbeque and at Red Robin.

And happy way belated birthday. This job stuff sucks--it's totally throwing me off.

Boozie said...

My mom and my grandma are both the same fucking way. My brother, the only boy and the middle child, is the god damn 'golden child' of the family.

Amy's Working said...

i play second fiddle to my brother ALL THE TIME. And, of course, I am not allowed to challenge it - ever. I used to but got labled the crazy bitch so i learned to just shut up, It's easier than the fight - ya know? Still it pisses me off every time too - my revenge is to treat my kids the same - either they'll both hate me or know that they are equal.


You have permission to eat wherever the fuck you want.

grody jo-dee said...

moms are the queens of asking shit and then ignoring the answer. no, mom, we're not five anymore, and we don't have to OBEY. mature hang-up too.

Kurt said...

I love the Red Cross line.

Jack's Raging Mommy said...

No, see I completely get it. Joe's parents called to ask where he wanted to eat for his birthday then said well why not at this other place. I was just as irritated as you are. What is with people?