Sunday, September 25, 2005


Years ago, when I was living at home, my parents used to go out of town, leaving me and my brother the house.
I will admit that we were boring. We never had parties.
At least I didn't, anyway. I don't know about my brother.
There was that ONE TIME when I was 21 and I had an after hours get together.
Really, it was just a plan to spend time with Randy outside of the bar ( I've motioned the whole DJ/ Karaoke company thing before, right?).
Anyways, the parents were out of town and I can't remember where my brothers were - they weren't there.
About 7 of us came back to my house and we played cards and drank more beer.
Good times, my friends.
Good times.

That night, our friend Brian, put his ass print on the picture window. My parents would have never know about that if he hadn't busted us out during his best man speech at our wedding reception ( You should have seem my face.......Priceless).

That was also the first night that my husband kissed me, inside on the steps.

Anyways, what I'm getting at here is that we're house sitting next weekend for my parents.
There house is HUGE and Grace loves their St. Bernard, Baby, with a passion.
They also have a mini play ground. So during a family lunch today, I mentioned how our friends are have a joint B-day party/ BBQ next weekend that's Adults only.
We won't be going since our babysitters are going out of town :o(
But Jamie and I told my mom we were going to have people over to here house instead.
Mom said that was fine - Go ahead.

I suppose we're trustworthy now that we're married with children.

Well, Crap!
Who the hell would I invite? All of our friends will be at the other "cool" party.

I foresee Blockbuster and grilling out next weekend for Randy, Jamie and I, while the kids run around and wear each other out.

We suck.


Jack's Raging Mommy said...

Oh My GOD! Mikie Reed put his assprint on our French doors once! I'm not the only one with that friend!

grody jo-dee said...

that sounds suspicously like high school, with the "cool" party and all.

notasoccermom said...

Oh, Jody - You have no idea.....