Monday, September 05, 2005

I want this hat !!!!!!!! Even if Kevin has it.
He's a turd.

And For those of you who wondered how "college" was going for Steve from Blues Clues..............

AND I forgot to mention how my friend Justin, once again found time to give me shit over this at the BBQ Sunday.
You're lucky I like you wife and kid, dude.

What Should I be for Halloween?
This ( It would be the hopped up Council Bluffls version, of course)?
Or This?
I just don't know.......


Mel said...

Love that hat! Where do we get one?

SuzanH said...

Even though that jackass is wearing it, it's from the Red Hot Chili Peppers early stuff, when they would play while wearing only gym socks on their cocks (which would, of course, fall off during the show). So you can wear it and know you are hip and cool, quite unlike KFed.

Corrie said...

I want a t-shirt of it so I can wear it to preschool...that will show those bitches.

notasoccermom said...

Corrie, I would laugh my ass of if you wore that shirt prego!!!!

Kurt said...

costume? is it Oct 30th already?
"Honey, what did you get me for a Halloween costume?"