Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A change in plans.......

I'm really behind on my reading, guys. My internet connection is totally sucking ass at home during the day( so much for cable) and I've been training at work. So no reading blogs in my spare time.
I'll be catching up with everything soon.
As of today I'm going back to work full time 6p-6a and I took back my notice.
I'm not leaving.
I was supposed to start working from home for my old hospice job doing admission data stuff in a couple weeks. I've already been doing it for almost a month.
Hours worked last week : 0

It's not promised hours and I don't want to screw us on money.
So, thats that.

Not that I don't like my job. There are people there I could do without, but I suppose you find that anywhere. Really, it's only one person, but I won't go into it because of the Dooce factor.

Right about now I'm kicking myself in the ass.
I wish I would have finished the ONE FRICKIN YEAR OF SCHOOL when I had the chance.
I'm such an idiot .


Webmiztris said...

i love this song you have in your video section!!!

Kurt said...

so when are you going back? You can take one class at a time on-line. That'll take what, 6 years? Where will you be in six years if you don't?
Plus, I don't know about Omaha, but in Dallas, RNs are knocking down about $40K pretty quick after starting.

Anonymous said...

At least you have a loving husband and two beautiful kids to come home to.

notasoccermom said...

Yes, I do.
They're my reason for everything I do -