Friday, October 21, 2005

You Must Believe! Give it a try at Degrassi High!!!!!!

So, I've become addicted to watching Degrassi, Old School at night.
Sad, I know.
Whats worse? I remember watching it when it wasn't so "Old School" and I thought it was cool.
I couldn't wait to get into High School.

Why the hell I would ever think that a show where some of the main characters had names like Spike, Snake, and Cockroach was ever a good idea? I have nooooooo clue!

Does anyone else remember when Spike got pregnant at 16.
That was a BIG DEAL!
By the time I was a Senior in High Schoo,l 2 of my friends had children. One friend put her son up for adoption and the other got married right after graduation. It was so bad in the rest of the school by then that we joked about having a pregnant husky ( Northwest Huskies!!!) on the cover of the year book.

Meaning, I was friends with everyone. I liked everybody for the most part, but I knew who to not go hang out with on Saturday night.

So, last night, into about 13 minutes into an episode, I turned the TV off and told Randy that I hope he didn't mind.
He said " Well, I was hoping to see how the Semi Formal dance went, but if you must......."

I couldn't stop laughing.
And YES, he was joking.

BTW, he brought me home flowers last night for no reason.
Somedays, He's a very good egg :o)

Sooooo, you guys have a good weekend. I'll be at work, but that's ok.
I love my co-workers.

Annie Out !


Kirsten said...

You got flowers!! A good egg indeeed!

MarkD60 said...

Those kids who had babies young have the last laugh now. Their babes are grown up and they're still young enough to have a life. I wish I hadn't been so careful! most people my age are grandparents and I still am waiting till it's right to have kids!

grody jo-dee said...

i can't imagine how hard it would be to have a kid that young...but i would have had more energy, dammit.

Jen said...

Congrats on the flowers!!!

Have a good weekend...even though you have to work. At least you like your co-workers.