Monday, November 28, 2005

5 days and 50 pounds

So, I found that I can eat my own weight in Green sauce, guacamole, and just regular Tex-Mex.
I've drank so much REGULAR Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea that my Teeth hurt. I think I gained back all 50 pounds.
Oh, well - My attitude has been adjusted so it was worth it.
Here's what I say: Fuck it!
You don't like me or some of the choices I've made
Fuck You.
You walk in my shoes then run your mouth.
And that is that.
Thank you, Texas and the Foo Fighters for the adjustment.
* My husband just called and said that I sounded pissed in this post. And I'm not. I've just realized that I have to be the one who changes. I can't be responsible for everyone else and I can't let what people say or think about me have so much control over my life.
The changes have to come from me.

I found that my 2 year old IS the leader of the Bad ass KiDs BuNcH AKA her Texas Bad Ass little cousins. They literally bow to her.
Sad, really.

However, My children were Angels on the way there and the way home.

We also found a house that WE BOTH fell in love with. I'd like to show you pictures, but I'm sure that it's illegal in some way shape or form. 4 BR, 2 Bath. HUGE DRINKING DECK!

And because I'm cool like that, The neighbor came over and was talking to us ( She was V cool and had little kids too)) and told us to try the doors cause someone was in the house earlier today ( yes, it's vacant).
And I did.
And The back door popped open.

Ahhhhhhhhh, So Yeah, I'm back home now. The Christmas stuff is up.
And I'm pretty f'ing sure I'll end up killing 3 cats before the tree comes down ( or they knock it down)


Jen said...

Wonderful! Sounds like you had an incredible time. Glad to see your fiesty spirit is back up!

Kirsten said...

Girl, sounds like a kick ass house! And a deck!! And nice neighbors!! I love Rascal Flatts too, the broken road was our first dance at our wedding....surprisingly, it was also 25 lbs ago too!:)

WLH said...

I see you want to run away to Texas so you don't have to see your brother anymore.....:( Not cool fucker.

Webmiztris said...

the tinsel is what you have to watch - pulling it out of their ass is no fun - trust me! ;)