Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Hey Fat Girl, Come here, are you ticklish".....Yeah I called you fat - look at me.... I'm a fatass too but I know what it is I can get away with

Muffin Tops : The new American Epidemic

People we're in a crisis and we don't even know it.


It's called Muffin Tops.

And they're everywhere you look.

Now, I knew about this epidemic long before I knew it had a name. It's everywhere.

It's Muffin Top

It's disgusting.

Ladies, please, Please PLEASE know what the difference is when wearing a pair of jeans that fit and wearing a pair of jeans that fit well.

Just because they zip doesn't mean you should wear them in public.....and a little mid drift shirt to top it off




k said...

I love to wear midriff shirts. I find they really show off my stretchmarks.

And I don't have a "muffin top" so much as an "over-filled loaf of bread, spilling over every which way."

I think the general public really appreciates the looks. At least, that's why I gather from their stares ... they can't seem to take their eyes off me.

notasoccermom said...

Yeah... Just like I can't take my eyes off a car wreck!
J/K - K is a GODDESS said...

now what am I gonna wear?

Kurt said...

I'm glad it isn't just me noticing this.
I know I'm a bit of a perv, but was getting worried.

Webmiztris said...

lol! but it's POPPIN' FRESH, Annie!!

MarkD60 said...

And wearing curlers in public should be a crime