Tuesday, December 13, 2005


After a bunch of emails of people wondering where I am - Here I am. I don't mean to neglect you, but I had a really bad week last week and I didn't feel like writing about it because, apparently, if I feel stressed out and write about it, some people take that as I'm ungrateful for my home and family and friends.
And by the way, I'm not - I'm HUMAN and I have bad days like everyone else. I love my husband and our children with everything that I am.I love my friends. AND if I vent in my blog, well, tough shit. It's MY FUCKING BLOG, WISHYOUWEREME, so suck my ass and go focus on your life. Don't come back.

Awwww, much better now. So I moved to my new job in my company. Not so bad kids, not so bad at all. Damn K for being right about liking it. I put on my "big girl panties" like my friend Mary likes to say, and it's all good.

I broke 2 teeth last week and they aren't fixed yet, but not from lack of trying. I sat in the dentist office today from 11:30am until 2:15pm for a CONSULT.
Nothing got fixed - I'm still in pain.
(Please feel free to take that complaining as I'm ungrateful for my life)

I did have a kickass going away party on Friday, where I was VERY intoxicated.
I will leave you with the pictures now on flicker
This is my "replacement" at work, Crystal. I just love her!


Rude Cactus said...

Glad you're alive and well! Great picture.

Kirsten said...

You are so adorable! I missed you!

Cari said...

You are so cute!

Please don't let all the hating biotches out there keep you from talking about the crap that's going on. This is *your* space and we come here because we like you and want to support you.

I hope you had a date with the Captain!

Jen said...

Cute picture!! Glad you are back!

MadHotMama said...

Tell all those bitches out there to suck it!! It's your blog and you can bitch, whine, nag, vent, or be happy if you want.

Great pic by the way!! Glad you had a good time bc you DEFINITELY deserved it.

Eileithia said...

*hugs* I hope things look up for you soon!