Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dispatch, passing the torch, and the missing panties..........

So, I have a got a new job.
Same Company.
Doing Helicopter Dispatch.
It all scares me a little. That's like a hella lot of responsibility.

I'm lucky if I know where my kids are.
I constantly lose my keys!!!
But I'm gonna try it. I don't want to regret NOT trying it.
I just had to get over my hissy fit about not wanting to leave my shift.

I just love them all so much!
My Going away party is next Friday. WoooooHooooo!
Wanna know what's even better? Randy's Christmas party is that afternoon and that means lots of Pre-drinking.
I will be in rare form.
Now to find a babysitter ( Hey, Mom and Dad..... I love YOU......)

Then to top the cake, my replacement is TOTALLY KICK ASS.
I adore her! She is so very awesome ( and beautiful). Which on one hand is great. She's gonna do well and I don't worry about passing the torch anymore.
On the other hand it sucks cause I'm going to the other night shift. Which means we'll never have the same nights off.

I guess we'll figure out something.

So, I got back on the WW wagon tomorrow after almost 2 weeks off.
I don't want to, but it needs to be done.
Jello, here I come :o(

So can I tell you all that I bought a bunch of cute new panties and now they're MIA?
My mother in law says we didn't leave them there, but they weren't in our suitcase when we got home.
So, If anyone sees any cute panties that have grown legs and are walking around the Palestine, TX area, would you tell those bastards to COME BACK HOME!!!
Momma misses them.

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Webmiztris said...

i gotta tell ya...if I see walking panties, I'm running the other direction!