Thursday, December 22, 2005

Too much information - You've been warned

I've had the stomach flu and it sucked big time. I even called into work, which I haven't done in forever. But there was no way I could go in there with the gut rot that I had going on. Now, I'm naturally a gas-y girl, BUT GOOD GOD!
I've never before prayed for solid poop like I did over the last 3 days.......
I would have taken puking over what I had anyday, but that only lasted 12 hours.
I feel better now, though.
Just in time to clean the house before Mom#2 ( Randy's mommy) gets into town.

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Kurt said...

Ok. You left the comment on for this so you get what you get.
Last Tuesday night my wife and I took part in a taste test/consumer research study of a potential new Pizza Hut pizza.
The new part is the olive oil/seasoning baked into the crust. There were several variations for us to evaluate. I ate four slices (my wife told me that WAS dinner). Answered the questions and collected my $40.
Sometime after midnight I decided they should call it "jiffy lube and pepperoni."
I alternated sitting and kneeling for 20 minutes, then slept the rest of the night. Weird.
Hope you enjoy the Holidays. Great to read about the baby's progress.
As to children's vocabulary, my sister got a call from the pre-school when her twin boys were 4. The director wanted to know if there was a Monty Python fan living in the house. Seems their Dad heard that under 6, children have 100% retention. He was testing the theory and taught them all the verses to the Lumberjack song...