Thursday, January 12, 2006

I live under a rock

I do.


Because I knew nothing of this.

It made me sick to my stomach. What the hell kinda of world are we living in where some crazy people kill a 4 and 6 yr old by hitting them in the head with a hammer, cutting their throats, THEN as if it wasn't enough, setting the house they were in on fire.

I'm glad they were caught( not before doing off another family), but it doesn't make me feel better.

I'm scared for my girls. How do I teach them to see the good in people and understand that yes, we all have bad in us, but the good usually outweighs it? Thats not always the case. I don't wanna be the freak mom that doesn't let her kids outta her sight, but THIS SHIT SCARES ME.
When I read this story over the weekend I was at work( we all know I work overnight). Instead of coming home and going right to bed like I usually do ( after I check on the girls) I stayed up and made Grace breakfast and played with her and the baby. I kissed them a billion times and thanked God repeatedly for my children. I didn't leave the house until I had to go to work today.

I had a talk with Randy about making sure that the doors are locked and dead bolted at night. I mean, we have some crazy looking Meth heads that ride by our house ( on bikes, of course, cause thats how they deal drugs in our hood).
When I woke up Monday morning I saw the front door had been unlocked all night and I FLIPPED OUT.
Last night he wanted to go outside to smoke and see why this car had been sitting down the street, running for a while.
I REFUSED to let him outta the house saying" Randy, what if they want to rob you and hold a gun to your head to get in the house!!!! You're not going anywhere!!!!"

I could need help.

This happened overnight.

Am I a freak?
I would literally DIE if anything ever happened to my kids or my husband.

To make matters worse, I watched Hostage last night and that isn't a feel good movie. More random crazies out doing wacko shit.

I don't even want to come to work tonight.

I think I need crazy drugs.


cari said...

Oooohhh... but the crazy drugs are so damn good. Get some!

Sorry you're wiggin'. It's a scary world we live in. I'm with you on protecting the wee ones. Hang in there girl.

notyourtypicalsouthernbelle said...

Good lawd! That's some crazy shite.

I make sure all our doors and windows are locked, too. I am so glad to be living out in the country! Not that that's necessarily any safer, but seems to be.


utenzi said...

Ummmm...don't watch movies like Hostage, maybe? I'm serious. Watching nasty movies like that and the news make some people hypersensitive to danger. We're pretty damn safe in this country, day to day. It's just that in a country of nearly 300 million people, bad things are going to happen, and these days we hear about it as it's happening.

Take a deep breath and say it's just not likely to happen to me, my family, or anyone I know. Good luck, Annie.

Michele sent me to witness your distress.

notasoccermom said...

That donesn't make me feel any better.