Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ghetto Fab....

So, I was doing a mini grocery shopping trip about an hour ago and my phone rings

Me : "Hello my babies Daddy"( caller ID is a wonderful thing)

Randy: Hello my babies Momma"
( yes, we're ghetto like that)
"Would you like to know what our daughter just did?"

Me: "Which one?"

Randy:" Grace"

Me: " Ok, I give. What did she do?"

Randy: " She was in the dining room ,coloring, and Dakota and Rose started fighting..
( 2 of our stupid cats).. She looked at me and said, "Daddy, those FUCKING cats...."


Randy: Yup. I even asked her to repeat herself and she said it again, CLEAR AS DAY!"

Me: " Wow... I don't think we should let her play with Justin and Jenna's kid anymore.."

Randy: " Yeah, un-huh.....I'm sure that's where she got it".

Ok, so yeah. That one was all me. BUT I SWEAR( apparently I do, but that's not the point) That I really try to watch my mouth in front of the kids.....
Guess I need to try a little harder...
Although I may be ghetto fabulous, I don't approve of my kids dropping "F" bombs...
Hell, I'm 27 years old and MY OWN mother doesn't approve of ME dropping "F" bombs
( However, my mother herself dropped one this morning on the phone. I think she was having a bad day...I'm still gonna mark it on the calendar).

Feel free to send me hate mail about the parenting skills I lack...


Stacie said...

I swear alot at work. I need an avenue for my creative language skills. And it just feels good.

WLH said...

Thats some funny fucking shit..... I get away with dropping the F bombs in front of mom..... I guess I am her favorite.....then again you were adopted and nobody loved you well except me. I love ya and tell your daughter to also quit calling my wife a hooker only I am allowed to do that

Kurt said...

I remember how weird it felt for me to have a beer in front of my parents at first.
My kids will never let me forget the time we were speaking pig latin (which I don't do well) and, while trying to say "it" said "it-tay." Hannah (our oldest) was about 11 at the time got this amazed look on her face and then busted out laughing. She explained it to Nicki (8 at the time) and both have been laughing at my expense since.

MarkD60 said...

Fantastic! You must feel so proud!!
Those fucking cats!

mw said...

I'm just ruing the day I have to stop playing music with the parental warnings in my car because of the daughter. Nothing like rocking out to "Raffi" on my way to the mall.

Wake of the Flood said...

Aren't kids great mimics!

The best story about swearing for me was the response of a boss I had at 14. Me and my buddies were working the tobacco fields and had become quite proficient in cursing. At lunch the field boss came over and shouted at us that he was sick of listening to us little kids swear all day long. "I don't want to hear that f***ing word f**k in this f***ing field again. I hear it again I'm gonna fire everyone of your f***ing goddamn asses." We all collapsed into laughter. And made sure we cleaned up our language in front of Barney. And the guaranteed laugh line for the rest of the summer was to quote this famous rant.