Monday, February 13, 2006

It's just another Manic Monday

The weekend is over and now it's back to work tonight.
I still have a few hours for freedom so I'll write about the weekend.
It rocked!
Friday night we went to dinner by ourselves!!! We held hands and talked about meaningless stuff. It was great. Then we went grocery shopping...On a Friday night. Randy says that's a sure sign that we're old, but that's ok.
Saturday, Randy took Grace to see Curious George and I stayed home with Faith and cleaned. I mean, I dusted and everything! WOO HOOO! When did I become such a nerd?
Then when Randy got home I went and toured 2 different gyms.
I joined New Lady Fitness. No meatheads, No makeup. I LOVE IT!
They even offer FREE Mommy and Me Swim classes on Wednesday mornings. Grace and I will be starting that next week. they have daycare and I got a FREE personal trainer. She worked my fat ass yesterday. It was AWESOME!
It was more money than I've ever spent on myself EVER. I felt kinda bad and I cried when I was talking to Randy about it.
But that husband of mine is Stellar. He's supportive. I'm a LUCKY woman. So, I guess I've forgiven him for drinking my last Diet Sunkist last week.
Yesterday, we visited with my parents and then went and visited my Grandpa. As I was sitting there talking to my Grandfather, I wished I could come visit him more. He's one of the funniest men EVER. He was so cute, rocking Faith the whole time we were there.
Life is good, people.
Life is good.

* Did I actually just write a whole post and not complain about anything?


Stacie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Family time is good stuff. And I know what ya mean about feeling old! Fridays used to be for bars and bands, now a meal alone and grocery shopping w/o kids is weekend perfection!

Firebrand said...

Sounds like good times to me...and, hey, if I could afford it, I'd so totally be jumping on that NLF bandwagon! Mommy and me swim classes? Sounds like fun! :)

notasoccermom said...

Stacie - Why can't you live by me?!?!?!

Firebrenda - Let me know when you want to come look at the gym - I can get you a free pass

Webmiztris said...

yes, you did!!

good for you! glad your weekend rocked...

SuzanH said...

Sounds like you had a blast, by old people standards. I think that's the hardest thing to deal with, the realization that hitting the (very loud, very smoky, very meat market-y) bar is just not as fun as pelting each other with bags of frozen peas at the grocery store. Ah, married life.