Thursday, February 16, 2006

What the hell...And a garden variety of other boring things..Thank me later

Please, for the love of God,
Tell me why it is that I'm totally sticking to Weight Watchers, joined the gym ( BTW- I ran, well, ok, briskly walked, 2 miles today) And all of the sudden I turned into flippin Betty Crocker? I've made Peanut Butter bars AND No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal cookies this week.
What the Hell?
I didn't have any of the peanut butter bars, but I swiped a cookie tonight. It was screaming "BITE ME" and it had to be punished.

Today, Randy worked from home cause, well, he can, and it snowed and looked crappy out. Who wants to go out in the crap if you don't have to? The Childrens Home Health Nurse came out and gave Faith her second SIGNA shot for RSV. Grace then decided she was going to be a Dr. and went and listened to all of our heartbeats with my stethoscope, like she saw the nurse do with Faith ( BTW - She weighed in @ 17.9 lbs - She's getting so big! Did I mention she got her 2 bottom teeth?? )
" I'm Dr. Gracie" is all she said the rest of the afternoon, while trying to listen to her sister's heartbeat by placing the stethoscope on her head.
Maybe she'll be a Vet.

Then I went to the Book store and the Gym. If anyone lives in Omaha, I totally recommend Mary's Book exchange on 90th in between Blondo and Maple. I traded in 4 books and walked out with 8 and I only paid $7.50.

Then we went to the Grocery Store.
Super Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee.
I didn't know about these.
They even have the WW points on the side of the box.
Super Wally World doesn't carry them, but Hy-Vee had their version of Whips 10 for $3.00 and I wanted to stock up. They also had Weight Watcher dinners 3 for $5.00. So, I found those little sandwiches from heaven resting right by them in the freezer case.
Today, I like Hy-Vee.
BUT only when they have good sales.

Sorry, this post was kinda lame.


Belle said...

I think Weight Watchers is great! I haven't tried any of the Lean Cuisines yet, but I do get the Lean Gourmet meals because they are super cheap.

Heh, instead of joining the gym, I took up roller derby! It's fun.

Grace was being so cute! Glad to hear Faith is doing so well. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Oh gosh, that is me too! WE were supposed to start a diet last Monday, the very same day I decided to open up my Taste of Home magazine and make three different kinds of muffins!!! EEEKK

My whole thing is though, if I can't exercise right now enough(no $$ for a gym or time for that matter, and I live in MInnesota, I am NOT going outside!)why waste some good meals until then?

Stacie said...

I am just gonna get a stick and beat the 20 pounds of baby fat clinging to me! Stick to the Watchers, you go girl! And enjoy the smug satisfaction of not eating your fabulous baked goods.

MadHotMama said...

Where are my chocolate oatmeal cookies...huh?

And, I dont have to tell you that Grace is adorable. But, okay, Grace is adorable. She does the same thing over here with Xavier's stethoscope.

Kurt said...

stephanie and i started walking about a mile and a half 6 nights a week about a month ago. she was told she is "pre-diabetic" and so there you go! We are down a little more than 10 pounds each, with only that change in our lives (she is using better portion control).
She went to the Dr. yesterday and complained about the diabetes education class they wanted her to take - 8 hours for $1600.
Doc told her Weight Watchers is the best diet around for diabetic patients, so that's where we are headed.
Keep up the good work and great to hear about your girls doing so well.