Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Day 3 as a trophy wife

I haven't done anything the last 3 days.
I showered and put pj's back on.
Sunday I slept ( I did work overnight until 6am Sunday morning).
Monday I work up with a damn UTI.
I slept most of the day.
Today, the UTI was still there, but better.
I didn't sleep all day, but I did take a 2 hour nap when the girls were sleeping.

Randy's been working from home this week, cause, well, now his boss said he can.


Tomorrow I'm going to go fill out the paperwork for the on call agency where I'll be working.
Getting back into the nursing field.
Good thing since I'm going back to school to finish my nursing degree.
I can work when I want and it's really good money.
I just wasn't meant to be a trophy wife for longer than a week.

Besides, it'd probably end up being a bowling trophy.


Patsy Darling said...

Somehow being a trophy wife always sounded exciting, thanks for letting me know it's a drag.

Corrie said...

Wasn't it Lil Kim who had da Magic Stick? Jaden used to love that song. I'm such a good mom. Trophy Wives are boobs.