Monday, March 27, 2006

Random rants

I know I've been lazy with the posting lately, but nothing has been going on at all.
I'm a little bored with being retired.
I hope that I'll be working by the end of the week.

My stress is almost all gone.
Now, I find little things to worry about.
It's crazy.
I've been having weird dreams off and on for about 2 weeks.
Thursday night I dreamed that Saturday was the end of the world and everyone knew it.
In the dream I told Randy we might as well go shopping. Worse case was that the world wouldn't end and we'd just be a little overdrawn in our checking account.
Leave it to me to think about shopping when I think the end of the world is coming.

Have I ever mentioned how funny my husband is?
The other day we were having a conversation about something so random I can't even remember( so obviously it was important, right?).
We didn't agree ( apparently he forgot that I'm always ALWAYS right)
So, jokingly I got all up in his grill and asked him if he wanted to dance this bitch out.
My husband proceeded to bust out his version of the running man.
I laughed so hard I thought I'd pee myself.

Last week he sent me an email telling me how happy he was that I was going to be home that night( We're still getting used to this going to bed at the same time, me actually being home at night thing).
I sent him one back and asked him why he was so excited.
He sent back : Cause I'll take you to the Candy Shop.
Have I ever mentioned that my husband is so White he's tranparent?
Sometimes the most random things come out of his mouth.. It reminds me everyday why I married his punk ass.

My sister asked if she could watch the girls on Saturday night.
That's right - She asked.
So, Randy and I decided we'd go out.
Our friend Justin wanted to go to Karaoke so we said alright ( we're always down for some Karaoke), but then the bar changed and it's the one bar I hate going to cause they're always so fricken busy you never get to sing.
We decided on dinner and a movie instead.
The last movie I saw in theaters was White Noise and I was pregnant with Faith.
So, yeah, it's been a while.
As the day proceeded I changed my mind. I caught myself singing Ice Ice Baby to Faith while I was changing her.
In the shower I was bustin out some of my best Tori Amos and my sick rendition of Black Velvet ( not so pretty by the way, not to mention I don't know all the words)
We decided to go with dinner and the bar.

So, we get to the bar and the Karaoke lady, who we've " known" for a long time comes over and talks to Randy and I , but really, more Randy. I try to make chit chat and I keep getting shut down.

" I get the feeling she doesn't really care for me, " I told Randy after she left.

" She doesn't like you for the same reason she doesn't like Jenna, " he replied.
" You married in."


As, I've mentioned before, Randy and his 2 friends used to own a Karaoke company back in the day. She used to come in to the Dawg House ( one of the bars ) every now and then. She had a crush on our boys.
Jenna married one of the owners as well.
So, we're on her black list.

To which I say : Don't hate the player - Hate the game.

The company has been over with for almost 3 years now.

Too Funny.

Randy's second 29th birthday party is this Friday. He gets 2 parties because not everyone could make it to the 1st one because of work.

Plans are set and everyone is coming, but I forgot one minor detail.

The babysitter.

I forgot that it's Lent and my mom helps at the church's fish frys on Fridays.


I have 4 days to figure it out. If worse comes to worse I'll stay home.


grody jo-dee said...

as long as randy doesn't break out the running man in public...or at christmas parties. there was this guy that p. used to work with who broke it out at every company function. he got these big pit rings of sweat and seriously thought he was the bomb. we used to bet on how long it would take him to do the running man at a party. the record--4 minutes in.

Sharpie said...

"I got all up in his grill and asked him if he wanted to dance this bitch out."

Laughing my ass off at the visual.

Love it.

(and I'm gonna try it next time.)