Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who had the magic stick first?

I've fallen behind on posting.
Nothing is really going on though.
It's been a lazy week.
I haven't gotten up before 9am ( My husband rocks).
I've watched lot s of TV and cleaned the house.
I have to clean again already, but hey- what else do I have to do?

I won't start working until next week some time.
I'm waiting on my background check to come back and then I'm good to go as long as I don't knock off any liquor stores in the meantime.

Grace is loving having us both home during the day.
Daddy works down stairs and comes up to visit us.
I love it.
We all sit around and sing the Wonder Pets songs.
I have no idea how I can handle all this excitement.
Earlier this week, Dora and Boot's went on a trip with a " magic stick"

I wonder if 50 cent has ever seen that episode.

I don't think it's the same magic stick he's referring to.

1 comment:

grody jo-dee said...

i won't tell them about the body in the trunk if you don't.....