Thursday, April 06, 2006

3 years ago today ( part 3 )

It was Sunday.
I'd been on a Pitocen drip since Thursday and nothing had happened.
They broke my water at 8am.
Noon came and went and I dilated to 2.
4pm dilated to 3.
My epidrual sucked- it wasn't working for shit.

At 9pm I was dilated to 3 still and the nurse said that there was either a hand or an umbilical cord coming down.
She wasn't sure.
And then the other 900 people who looked up my cho-chaw couldn't either.

10pm they decided on c-section.
My BP was 210/110.
I felt everything and was told the only other thing they could give me would make me go to sleep.
I needed to hear her cry.
After what seemed like forever I heard a faint cry and I scremed.
That was all I remember.
I was out

April 6, 2003
Maria Grace
4 pounds 11 ounces was born at 32 weeks gestation.
She got one good scream out, grabbed her Daddy's finger and her lungs failed.

I woke up shortly after midnight just as Randy was walking back in the recovery room.
I asked her weight and what color hair she had.
He told me she was doing ok, but wasn't able to breath on her own.
They wouldn't let me see her because I was too sick.

But this story ends well.
At 8:23 am the next morning, with my Dad and Randy by my side I saw one of the most beautiful creatures to ever come to this planet.

13 days later my rock star daughter came home from the NICU.

Today she's 3 years old and I fall more and more in love with her everyday.
I love you sweet Grace


cari said...

happy birthday little girl!

Sharpie said...

Tears in my eyes. Great story - thanks for sharing.
And BTW - how in gods name did you find a cat that would let her hold it like that?? My cat runs for the hills....

Stacie said...

that did have a happy ending!!! Yay! Happy Birthday little Grace, and good job, mamma!

MarkD60 said...

Happy Birthday!

grody jo-dee said...

happy belated birthday grace! she is beautiful.