Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Long and boring post to show I'm still alive

I feel like it's been forever since I last posted. Holy crap have we been busy! This weekend was nuts! Friday night I got my first shift at my new job. I was scheduled to spend the night taking care of a older woman that lives with her daughter, but the daughter had to go into the hospital for overnight observation. This lady was so cute.I was so bored overnight I cleaned their house and then watched a couple of movies. It was a cake walk. I was there from 6pm until 8:45am the next morning. I was supposed to leave at 7am, but my replacement was running way late. I didn't mind. I then had to get home and race to get ready for family pictures at 11am. After that we had Grace's family birthday party. By 3:30pm I was so tired I fell asleep on the ride home ad then took a 4 hour nap.
Sunday morning I went to church with my parents and Grandpa. I went to Catholic mass. Not a huge deal since I was raised Catholic, but now I'm Lutheran. And believe me - it's not that different. Lutherans are just lazy Catholics. No standing and then kneeling then standing. Anyways, I landed over and asked my mom if I was still allowed to go up for communion(Well, I referred to it as a snacky treat and then a scooby snack, which she didn't find very funny..looking back I suppose it is disrespectful to call the body of Christ a Scooby snack).
After Church was Family breakfast, where I insisted that I get my own Easter basket this year( My parents just do family baskets). My Dad is a stud and said " Daddy will take care of it".
HA! Just because I'm an adult with children doesn't mean I don't want my own Easter basket.

Then I had to rush home and get ready for a baby shower. I took both of the girls with me. That was a treat. I'll never do that again. Then I had to go hang out at my parents house cause Randy and our friend Gary were putting together the playset my parents got Grace for her birthday. This thing is massive!
Once the girls were in bed, Randy went to do the Grocery shopping and I passed out on the couch. I woke up and ate dinner and then passed out until 9am the next morning.
Now I'm in a mad rush to get this ready to go to Texas this weekend.
The fun is never ending!


Firebrand said...

Thanks for the update...I've been wondering how you're doing! :)

Kurt said...

leave the coats at home. it's nearly 90 today in dallas....you go down to palestine, right?
have a safe trip

Penny Karma said...

Scooby Snack. Snort!

Sharpie said...

"I brought the girls. That was a treat. I'll never do that again" LOL. SO been there. Seems like a good idea at the time - but NO.