Friday, May 26, 2006

Hurricane Grace

Potty training -
Grace just doesn't want to do it.
She has out right refused.
Every day we go through 9 pairs of '"big girl pants"

At nap time she wears a diaper, because pull ups to her just mean pull off.
Diapers are now the same.
About a week ago, during nap time, she took off her poop filled diaper and handed her 11 month old sister a turd.
They "decorated" the whole damn room.
And each other.

It was disgusting.
Kudos to my husband who cleaned it all up.

Monday of this week I spent around an hour and a half on my hands and knees deep cleaning the carpet in the living room the the girls' bedroom with a tooth brush. It wasn't from poop, just having a 3 year old and a almost 1 yr old.
Teaches us to buy a house with brand new cream colored carpet.


Yesterday I laid both of the girls down for nap and all was quiet, so after about 45 minutes I took a nap too.

I woke up an hour later to Randy telling me that it had all happened again.
Grace took off her diaper, peed in 3 different places on the floor and all over her bed.
She dropped a load as well.
All over the carpet and herself.
Then she took all of her and Faith's diapers and threw them in the crib on top of her sister.

All 5 minutes before my sister in law and nephew walked in.

So, I was pissy for hours afterwards.
I did manage to laugh histerically when Faith knocked over her Daddy's cup of Mountian Dew when we were all sitting outside and he was taking a break from mowing.
Jamie ( my SIL) was crying from laughing so hard
He acted like he was melting and had to run inside and change.......
So he could finish mowing the lawn.
I guess it's important to be freash and clean while mowing.
God bless him...

I guess I don't know what to do anymore.

Grace has ripped down all of the Tinker Bell border in thier bedroom over the last 2 months ( not the first time as you can see) and 3 nights ago she got in the crib with the baby and managed to pull down the valance on one of the windows.......

I'll tell you one thing though, she's like aspirin for my baby fever.
Yes, that's right - I have baby fever yet again....

No. we aren't planning on another one for YEARS, but I still would like one.
I'm back on the pill and I know that my body just couldn't handel another pregnancy for a long while...
Being on my "death bed" twice ( According to the nurses, not me...I think I was fine) with Grace and then with Faith, and the loss of Emma has taught me at least that much.
But the heart wants what it wants..
So, someone have a baby for me, ok?

Good luck potty training it.

Any sugestions?

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Firebrand said...

How 'bout we get together and you can cuddle my new cutie pie...and then when she starts crying, perhaps that'll enhance the resolve to not have another for a while! ;)