Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just a few of the reasons that I'm an asshole today

1. I totally spaced off my parents wedding anniversary. I was sitting at there house and they reminded me..... Nice.

2. My kids we're driving me crazy today.
So, I went out with Jenn and ran into an old friend who doesn't get to see him kids all the time because he's working in a different state.
So, there I am, bitching about how my kids we're driving me nuts.
That just screams asshole.

3. While at the bar, I walked outta the stall to find that I was in the MEN'S Bathroom.
I didn't notice the urinal when I walked in....
However, I did notice that there was a man in there taking a piss as I was walking out...

Jenn and I had an AWESOME time though. We went to a little bar that had karaoke and I TOTALLY rocked the song Hemorrhage by Fuel.
And I won a free drink.
Also, I was spotted by someone I went to high school with ( I had no idea who the hell he was) and he told me how I was " Fucking hilarious in Spanish class"
Spanish is kinda a blur to me. I think I might have skated by with a D-.
I hated Spanish.
However, I got warm fuzzies in my tummy to know that someone remembered me.
Maybe I'm not such an asshole after all.

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Sharpie said...

We could TOTALLY hang out. I'm an asshole too. LOLOLOL.