Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Anti-Dora song ( to the tune of "Complicated" by Avrial Lavigne)

Swiper no swiping
Come on Bobados
Swiper no swiping
Chill Boots
What you yelling for?
We've sailed a chocolate pond before
And if you don't shut up now
You'll die...POW!
Well, I guess it's too late
Boots in his grave will be laid
That annoying monkey
Will no longer breathe
Tell me...
Why ya have to go and make
Map so complicated?
Speaking Spanish
At random points in the show
So I just feel jaded
Yeah, my shows like this
Swiper swipes,
Boots jumps
Music plays,
Map sings
Mountains talk,
Dora was jumped
Wait a sec, no she wasn't
Sorry kids bye bye to the explorer
It's Dora's Grand Theft Auto
She comes to Map unnanounced
Dressed up to rob his house
And if the little kiddies could see
This on TV
They'd follow your every commandJ
ust say you're a thief
Grand Theft Auto Dora
Sure seems cool to me
Tell me
Why'd they have to go and make meso over-rated
I'm telling you
That other boy got Dora pregant
Oopsies..who's the Daddy?
Is it Map?
Is it Boots?I
s it Swiper?
Is it Squireel?
Is it Troll?
And the DNA tes
tWell, it seems that Boots was Daddy
Killing spreeBang bangBang bangBang bangBang bangBang bangBang bang
Chill kids, what ya crying for?
Never seen Dora talk trash before
That's cause I'm the witch
And you're my b*tch!
I'm somebody else
Round everyone else
But then late at nightI become a fright
Prepare your young eyes
For homicidal Dora
Yeah yeah!
Why ya gotta go and get an 47.Colt revolver
Are you gonna go blow away some more
Yeah yeah
With a nuke
And a key
And a fuse
And a bomb
And some flaming dog crap
I'm gonna go on a killing spreeBang bang bang...

So, I don't know if it all fits, but it's still some funny shit.......
This is where my husband found it... I bet you thought I wrote it, huh?
I think we all know that I would totally own up to this bitch if it was mine.......

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