Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time for one more......I was a good Catholic School Girl once

Catholic School girls

A train hits a bus filled with Catholic school girls and they all died.
They are in heaven trying to enter the pearly gates when St. Peter asks
the first girl,
"Tiffany, have you ever had any contact with a male organ?"
She giggles and shyly replies,
"Well, I once touched the head of onewith the tip of my finger."
St. Peter says,
"Okay, dip the tip of your finger in the Holy Water and
pass through the gate."
St. Peter asks the next girl the same question,
" Jennifer, have youever had any contact with a male organ?"
The girl is a little reluctant but replies,
"Well, once I fondled and stroked one."
St. Peter says,
"Okay, dip your whole hand in the Holy Water and passthrough the gate."
All of a sudden, there is a lot of commotion in the line of girls.
One girl is pushing her way to the front of the line.
When she reaches the front, St.Peter says,
"Reeva, What seems to be the rush ?
"The girl replies,
"If I'm going to have to gargle that Holy Water, Iwant to do it before Jessica sticks her ass in it."

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