Saturday, August 19, 2006

Desperately Hoping..Start knockin'' the boots, people.

Baby fever is at an all time high right now.
While in Texas, I was constantly tried to steal our Cousin's 5 week old son, Sam.
He liked me.
I liked him.
His Daddy, Daniel, said in his cute southern accent, " I'm watching you, girl. Don't be thinking about taking that baby home with you."
To which I assured him thatwe could make out some kind of visitation arraignment - They could visit Baby Sam one weekend a year.
However, I was veto-ed out.
So, I'm secretly making ( well, I was until I wrote that)baby blankets for our friends and family members, hoping that they'll take the hint and make me a baby.
Justin, Jenna, Courtney, Jonathan, Bill, Jamie, Crystal, and Matt - You're all on my list, BITCHES!!!!!

Is it sad that I actually prayed that brother knocked up my sister in law while he was home from overseas, on vacation?

I know - *SHOCKER*, Annie does pray...I PRAY more than once a day.
I even go to church.

Now, close your mouth and go make me baby, DAMNIT!!!!!

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