Thursday, August 31, 2006

It comes in three's

We got a call last night that Randy's " estranged" grandfather is on his death bed.
It looks like we'll be going back to Texas in the very soon future.
If anything, so that my husband can meet his uncles, his dad's brother's, who he, or his dad, ever met.

I'm bitter.
Long story short- his grandfather walked out on his grandmother when his dad was 3 and went off and started a new family that never acknowledged Randy's dad, Randy Sr.
Granny got remarried to Grandpa Charlie, who rasied Randy Sr. as his own.
Then Grandpa Charlie died, and Granny remarried Grandpa John...again.
Then Randy Sr. died.
He still had never met his brothers.

One of them sent a plant funeral.
How very sweet.

Anyways, They got divorced ( again), and things are just weird.

Death happens in 3's

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C.A.Marks said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I found you via Devilish Southern Belle and your blog title caught my attention...LOVE IT! If you go to my site, click on the cartoon of the cigar girl and read the beginning of my "about me" page and you'll see why your title caught my attention.

Now I'm going to go browse around your site and I'll probably add you to my blogroll.