Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We left our house for Texas @ 12:30am Friday morning.
It's a miracle in itself that we actually had all our laundry done, so packing took all of 20 minutes.
We made a quick stop at Walmart for pull-up's and milk and hit the road.
At 6:30am we blew a tire on the Highway, outside of Oklahoma.
We spent the next 2 hours at Wal-Mart, waiting for it to get fixed.
We didn't get to Randy's home town until 6:30pm( we moved 34 miles in 1 hour once we were in Dallas - I HATE DALLAS!!!!).
His Great Grandmother died that morning while we were on the road.
She would have been 90 next month.

Everything was already planned, but it's a small town with only one funeral home, and there had been a car accident a few days before, so they were "full".
As we were on the way to the cemetery Monday afternoon, EVERY SINGLE CAR pulled over to the side of the road in respect. Even the 18 wheelers .
It's was amazing.
I love his home town.
I would move there in a minute if we could.
Everyone is so nice and southern-y.
IT's so peaceful.
We sit outside in rocking chairs at night and just take it all in.
BUT the job market sucks, and we'd be broke, so it's back to Crack Town.
Thank you to everyone for all the emails and support.
You guys are awesome.

I'll be back to my regular smart-ass self tomorrow
Granny Thomas holding Faith, on her 1st visit to Texas, a month out of the NICU

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Anonymous said...

Glad your journey was safe. I'm sure Granny's was too. I miss you guys. Thought about you everyday!! Talk to ya soon.

Love ya,