Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back on the WW wagon today..So, Kelis inspired me

Others may know it as Bossy , but I changed it up a little

I'm the first girl to scream for a steak
I switched up for some pineapple bake
Yeah, that's right, Milkshakes bring my ass the yard
And that's right, i'm the one that's lickin on his arm.
Cause I'm a fatty
I'm a bitch that loves to eat
I'm the chick that's demandin' the steak
I told ya'll it's been 20 minutes since i ate
Someday I might hit 808.
I'm a fatty.

I'm the first one in line at da buffet
I switch it up one to Heinz 58
That's right
I'm the who there licking the plate
That's right
Never weighted 108
Never switch from licking the plate
Cause I'm fat!!

Oooh. Lemme sit down right here all nice and slow
Trying not to break the table, yo ( Table yo)
Got 3 pounds of lime jello, yo ( Jello yo)
Oooh. Fat chicks don't look cool on da flo.
Betcha never seen a muffin top like dis before (dis before)
You know I rock size 24 (24).
Oooh. Give me da taste like I been looking for.
I dont' ride no bicycle, Wanna popcicle ( popcicle)
Ooh, for my BBW up in CB.
712 can ya feel me.
Man, I really feel like some ice cream( Ice CREAMMMMM)

Hang some pop tarts from da celing, and yous gonna see me jumping
Candy in my mouth - uh -Hamburgers on the grill
Candy in my mouth - uh - Hamburgers on the grill

Cause I'm a fatty....I'm the first one in line at da buffet
That's right
I'm the whos dare licking the plate
That's right
Never weighted no effin 108
Never switch from licking the plate
Cause I'm fat!!

(Randy's rap)

It's bout time right now dat she lickin' me
Can't stop starin, she's fat, yeah, but she's pretty
Damn girl, don't hurt em!
Don't put ya fork down , you gotta work em
Puttin' plates down,
They know your background
What chu want girl, you gettin mad now.
That's how you do it, huh?
Ice Cream machine aint's workin' huh?
Well I'm the skinny one
In fact, it's me bringin her to the food

Tell that man you's a fatty
Make some noise, raise your plate if you's a fatty
I don't think he understand you's a fatty
Get some help if you need help with a patty
She ain't lost none
Ain't no refunds, she ate the cash mayne
In your benz, sticky buns, in the fast lane
Flossin, you say "how much it cost me?"
How 'bout some gummy bears, playa, she's a fatty

Uh uh... watch the french fries
Uh uh... watch the cream pies
Uh uh... watch the waiter sigh
Uh uh... watch my husband cry
Uh uh... all you can eat buffet
Uh uh... hit it every day
Uh uh....skittles comin' out to play

CAUSE I'M FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI : I do not wear a size 24, just so we're all clear

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