Friday, September 01, 2006

Do you ever?

Do you ever catch yourself having some crazy, random conversation, and think,

" Gee, if people really knew what we talked about, they would totally think we're nuts!"

If I was a smart woman, Like K, ( who by the way, has a AWESOME new haircut) and had to do it all over, I would totally tell you what these conversations are, however, too many of my " real life people" read this.
Next lifetime, no one will know of my blog, so I will be able to bring the stories of farting, masturbation, string cheese( not linked AT ALL to the word before it), and Slimfast.

You're missing out.
My bad.


Anonymous said...

No, but I find myself wondering why I keep coming back to this page to listen to your stories? You always tell me your stories all over again in's much better in person btw!!

Your fav red head!!

MarkD60 said...

I worry that if people knew what I was thinking, they'd lock me up or run!

or laugh