Saturday, September 16, 2006

I suppose it would be nice if I updated

I'll just do what I can to sum up the last 2 weeks
In hopes to irritate my husband, I answer all his questions with " My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..........." It works. He gets irritated.
I then walk around and tell people " Hi, I like cheese!!!" ...Maybe you had to be there.

Randy's Grandfather died

Grace decided she was potty trained.
She started pre-school.
I cried like a baby.
She's totally the shit with her big ass Dora backpack.

The woman I do hospice care for has become increasingly demanding. She's pissed I can't provide 24 hour a day care for her.
Now, when I am there she likes to scream at me...then tell me how much she loves me. I think the cancer has attacked her brain.

Randy had a dream that I left him for a 16 year old that wrote his own wedding vows and gave me a bigger ring. He woke me up @ 3am to make sure I wasn't going anywhere.

Faith, in all her 16 month glory, FIANLLY said mama.

I turned 28 on the 13th.
I got just what I wanted- A clean house.
AND my Brother, Sister ( in law), and nephew sent me flowers, balloons, and candy.
Grace ate the box of candy while hiding under the kitchen table.

My birthday party isn't until the 23rd.

I've gained 12 pounds in the last week.
Thought maybe I was knocked up.
We took a test ( well, Randy was there, but I'm the one who pissed on the strip)
He asked if I was dissapointed.
My response: " Fuck no!"
Although, I do want a baby, just not " home grown" at this point.

I went to the Doctor yesterday.
I have some weird viral infections that causes horrible headaches and makes my arms feel like they're falling off.
And makes you gain weight.
I'm on sick leave from work until Tuesday.

I'm starting Weight Watchers again, but I'm not going to take about it, ok? That seems to be the kiss of death.

Checked my email to find that one of my friends has a tumor in her spine. Keep her in your prayers, ok? C, I love you. I feel like we've been though a lot, you and I. Our Hospice work, and all of the things that come with that, the loss of our babies, the birth of babies, and now this. I wish I could make it all better.

Got a notification in the mail that there is a balloon release the 1st of October. Even though we lost Emma over 2 years ago, we're still going. There's a guilt that comes along with that. If we had Emma, we wouldn't have Faith. Regardless, she was our child and we're going.

I tried to color my hair a darker color of red cause I'm tired of people asking me " Where do your girls get their red hair from?"
I look like a fucking cartoon.

Grace is now sleeping on a mattress in her bedroom. She broke her bed...and her face by jumping, flying, and have her Dora house break her fall. We told her she's just going to have to deal with not having a bed. We didn't tell her her new bed is being delivered tomorrow.
*We put her broken bed on the curb @ was gone by gotta love our town.


It's never-ending fun on my end!

So, what's been up with you guys?


Corrie said...

Holy Fuck, I thought I was pregnant too...

Sick thing was I wanted ANOTHER kid, like three isn't enough. I wasn't though...

That's what up with me...oh and Joey had preschool too!

Firebrand said...

Girl, I'm a few days late now and I pee on a stick! LOL! Fertile Mertyle am I!

I was thinking 'bout you the other day and wondering if you were still planning on having you karaoke birthday soiree. Details, please?

Mrs Robinson said...

I find it completely OK to answer all your husbands questions with "my milk shake..." Sometimes that's all the information then deserve.

Belle said...

I need to start with the WW again, too. I always do pretty good, then I somehow fall off the wagon and it's so hard to get back on!

Happy late birthday! A clean house sounds like a wonderful present!

I am sorry to hear about your friends, but I will definitely keep her in my prayers.