Monday, September 25, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words.................

I'd love to show you pictures from my birthday party, however, our 3 yr old lost our camera, so " No Soup for You!".
I spent 3 hours and $ 40.00 on my hair.
I wore the Adias gear.
Take pride in knowing that, at one point,I had a pair of panties that was a present from one of my friends, on top of my head, as well as a pink feathery terra.

I did come to one conclusion.

I will not be doing this next year.

We've been doing the SAME EXACT thing for my birthday since I was 21, and I've come to realize that it's gotten stale.
Way stale.
And a little boring.
And I hate being hung over.
I hate worrying if everyone is getting along ( and then I get phone calls the next morning that so and so was soooo pissed")

I feel like I did a horrible job at playing hostess.
We we're crammed into a little space, so we couldn't all sit together.
So many things were just " blah", ya know?

I love that so many of my friends were there.
Some took the night off from work just for me, and I'm grateful.
But I'm shallow, and I spent part of last night crying because I didn't get a card from my mother-in-law, or my parents.

I'm so lame
28 sucks.

Next year, I'll settle fora "un-rushed" dinner, then maybe a movie.

Why do I fell bitchy for writing this?
Eh, don't care.

Period fairy came to town and has brought me an extra special treat this time around.

Annie Out


Woman with kids said...

Nothing wrong with being bitchy, it's your birthday. That gives you the right to be cranky, eat cake and not count calories and expect everyone to stop in amazement today is your birthday. Well, you can try at least ;-)

Not Just a Mom said...

Happy Birthday, I know how bad it is to have one of your parents forget about your birthday. Hope everything gets better.